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Care for your thyroid gland

From the very beginning we care about you by asking how you feel, explaining the reasons behind thyroid disorder, indicating how to measure it and manage the imbalances effectively.

Symptoms under control

Control the symptoms of your disease as well as your diet and lifestyle. The prognosis for someone with Hashimoto's thyroiditis is excellent with proper medical treatment combined with our self-care program.

Monitoring on track

Your autoimmune disorder easily explained with clear diagrams, personalized self-tracking and reporting to help you find the culprit

A program with a (re)mission

Our mission is clear – we want you to find your individual path to optimal health and confidence in managing your thyroid. Discover our ‘Step by Step to Remission’ program for Hashimoto and start enjoying your life again!


Gain knowledge in an interactive way - created to educate and inform, our infographics use design rationale to simplify complex health issues and present it in an easy-to-digest format.


Check what you already know about your body and your thyroid - move on to the next modules of our comprehensive and involving program.


Your data is safe with us
The security of your mobile device and your personal information are of the utmost importance to us. Our technology ensures that your data and privacy are protected at every stage.

Data protection

your sensitive data is protected with us

We develop safely

applications are based on an open-source solution

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  • Access basic knowledge
  • Monitor your symptoms every day
  • Look for individual health patterns
  • Analyze charts and identify symptom triggers
  • Cook tasty and healthy with our recipes
  • Share your knowledge and experience with other patients in the forum


9,99 USD
per month

  • All Standard functions
  • Access to the ‘Step by Step to Remission’ program for 1 month
  • You will complete the following program sections
  • You will develop the first habits
  • You will consolidate knowledge
  • You will continue your journey to Hashimoto's disease remission
  • You will achieve remission

99,99 USD
per year

  • Access to the ‘Step by Step to Remission’ program for one year
  • You will complete all sections of the program
  • Consolidate healthy habits
  • You will benefit from the knowledge gained
  • You will achieve remission
  • You will save money



  • Gain basic knowledge with expert articles
  • Monitor your symptoms from the psyche zone and analyze them
  • Get reminders to take your medications and supplements
  • Get to know the 2 sections of the "Step by step to remission" program
  • Find individual health patterns
  • Cook tasty and healthy with our recipes

19,99 USD
per month

  • All features from the Standard package
  • Monitor other Hashimoto's symptoms
  • Track your diet, lifestyle and triggers
  • Receive alerts
  • Monitor your treatment and supplementation
  • Continue the “Step by step to remission” program for 1 month
  • Develop initial habits
  • Maintain knowledge

199,99 USD
per year

  • Take full advantage of the application
  • Complete all sections of the "Step by Step to remission" program
  • Establish habits
  • Benefit from the knowledge gained
  • Achieve remission
  • Save money
  • Enjoy your well-being for longer
  • Get back to full strength

7-day individual diet

75 USD

  • You will receive a diet based on a questionnaire interview
  • You will be under the email supervision of a Hashiona clinical nutritionist
  • You will find out that diet can be easy and tasty

14-day individual diet

125 USD

  • Develop your first healthy habits
  • You will be under the e-mail care of our nutritionist
  • You will learn how to organize nutrition at home

28-day individual diet

175 USD

  • You will receive 1 follow-up consultation with a Hashiony nutritionist
  • You will be under the email support of a nutritionist for a whole month
  • You will effectively establish new eating habits