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4. Order a diet

Is it possible to follow up with you with another menu or consultation with a dietician?

Yes, if you need further menus – send us an e-mail and continue our previous correspondence and order menus or consultations with our clinical dietician.

How long after filling in the health and nutritional history will I receive the menu?

The menu will be sent to you by e-mail within 5 working days after you send us the completed health and nutritional history. 

What does it mean for a diet to be individualized?

Our clinical dietitians create menus separately for each patient. This is done based on information gathered from your health and nutritional history and during your dietary consultation.  We take into account your culinary preferences – we want the diet to be a pleasure for you, not a chore! 🙂

How can I use the “Order a diet” service?

To use the “order diet” service you need to install the Hashiona application and then go to the “Order Diet” section on the main screen of the application. Clicking on the button will allow you to send a message to our clinical dietitians who will contact you with a quote and send you the transfer details. After receiving your payment you will receive a link to your health and nutritional interview. The answers you provide will be used by our clinical dietitians to create a personalized nutrition plan for you or to prepare them for a dietary consultation with you.

How much does the “Order a diet” service cost?

Our special offer till the end of OCTOBER: 

  • 28-day diet – 175 USD instead of 250 USD (plus a 20-minute follow-up consultation after the first two weeks)
  • 14-day individual diet – 125 USD instead of 150 USD
  • 7-day individual diet – 75 USD instead of 120 USD
  • 45 minutes consultation with a clinical dietitian – 50 USD instead of 80 USD

Who creates the menus and recommendations at Hashiona?

At Order a Diet, we work with clinical dietitians experienced in managing patients with Hashimoto’s disease. Our dietitians have degrees from medical universities.

What is included in the “Order a diet” service?

The “order diet” service includes:

  • 28 day individual diet
  • 14 day individual diet
  • 7 day individual diet
  • nutritional consultation lasting up to 45 minutes with our clinical dietician or psychodietrist

Who is the “Order a Diet” service for?

The “Order a Diet” service is intended for people with Hashimoto’s disease and/or hypothyroidism, who want to:

  • improve the quality of their diet
  • correct deficiencies and nourish your body
  • change your silhouette
  • lose weight
  • eat healthy when you have Hashimoto’s disease and other accompanying conditions


What is the “Order a diet” service?

The “Order a diet” service is an opportunity to consult with our clinical dietician or to receive personalized menu and recommendations.


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