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3. Step by Step to remission program

Can I choose which section I want to take?

No, you can currently complete the program in the order we suggest.

What do I have to do to get to the next section?

To move on to the next section, you must meet 3 conditions:

Complete all elements of the current section

Pass the test at the end of the current section

Have your program subscription turned on

What does the “Step by step to remission” program consist of?

The program consists of 20 sections covering general Hashimoto’s disease, diet, sleep, psychology, supplementation, physical activity and other topics. Each of the sections contains articles, content presented in the form of a video, practical tasks to be performed, interactive infographics or condensed knowledge in the form of knowledge banks. At the end of each section, we have also prepared a quiz which, if passed, will allow you to move on to the next stop on your journey to remission.

Can I try the program for free before purchasing it?

Yes, the first 2 sections of the program are available FREE to every user.

Where can I find the program in the application?

The “Step by Step to Remission” program is available in the Hashion app in the bottom menu under the “Program” tab. 

How long does the program take?

The program is designed to run for 20-weeks, or about 5 months, which is our suggested time frame. You may as well implement each section at your own pace and also achieve the effect 🙂

How much does the program cost?

The price of the program includes a 6-month subscription to the app. Depending on the subscription package you choose available in the price list (and here is a link to the FAQ section with the answer to how much the subscription costs).

What is remission in the title of the program?

The remission in the title of our program is the quieting of Hashimoto’s disease. This means that your symptoms will disappear even though the disease is still present in your life. Remission of Hashimoto’s disease is also when anti-TPO and/or anti-TG antibodies previously above the reference range will now be as low as possible.

What will I gain by following the program?

For 20 weeks you will be guided step by step on your journey to better well-being. You will be equipped with knowledge and given practical tasks that will bring you closer to your goal. Thanks to the program “Step by step to remission” you will improve your diet and lifestyle which will translate into more energy during the day, better sleep at night, more attractive appearance and improved mood.

How was the program developed?

The program was the result of months of collaboration between Hashimoto’s disease specialists. First, we conducted over 40 hours of interviews with patients asking about their needs and biggest concerns. Guided by this, we created the initial version of our app. During this time we gathered over 2000 people interested in our project and initially testing it. We, in turn, began work on the Step by Step to Remission program. At that time, together we analyzed more than 1200 scientific articles and created a compendium of the most up-to-date information on the basis of which our program was created.

Who is the program aimed at?

The “Step by Step to Remission” program is aimed at people with Hashimoto’s disease, who want to calm down the symptoms of the disease and lower their antibody levels as much as possible. 


However, people with hypothyroidism can also benefit from the program, because the recommendations implemented with it will also help stimulate the thyroid gland to work.


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