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We invite you to join our network of trusted professionals and help us to assist millions of Hashimoto’s disease sufferers.Hashiona helps you, as doctors and healthcare professionals, to apply your extensive knowledge and assist patients across the world from the comfort of your smartphones. There’s no need to change work schedules or relinquish duties to existing patients, we provide a network of new patients that fit around you. 

Hashiona needs professionals in every area of Hashimoto’s disease management. Whether you are a general practitioner, endocrinologist, dietician, nutritionist, or psychologist, we welcome anyone with experience in treating Hashimoto’s disease and other forms of hypothyroidism to contact us to discuss how we can extend your care to our patients and offer you a platform to publish your knowledge and research. 

What are the biggest benefits of joining Hashiona?

Reach out to more patients
Get a free telemedicine software
Enhance the treatment
Full visibility of patients progress
More information about patients habits
Cooperate with other clinicians

As a registered clinician; doctor, psychologist or dietician, once you’re part of the Hashiona team, you will have access to patients of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the world – not just those who can’t travel locally to your place of work. 

By gaining access to thousands of new patients across the globe, you’ll gain greater experience in treating Hashimoto and hypothyroid disease and establish a further understanding of patient’s day to day symptoms. We understand the extensive range of symptoms that Hashimoto and hypothyroid patients experience and we strive to create a better understanding for patients, clinicians and researchers alike. 

Hashiona will also serve as an additional aid in being able to treat your existing patients more effectively, with greater access to their daily symptoms and struggles. By encouraging your existing customers to use Hashiona, you will have access to all your patients in one place and be able to track their progress collectively. 

Hashiona is the first choice app for clinicians wanting to expand their patient reach and help make an impact on the way Hashimoto and hypothyroid is treated and understood. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to working with you to create a more understanding and effective platform for patients.

By becoming part of our team of professional clinicians, you will receive FREE state of the art telemedicine software. We use trusted and recommended telemedicine providers to ensure you receive the most up-to-date and effective software. This telemedicine software enables you to speak directly and easily with your patients and reach sufferers of Hashimoto and Hypothyroid from across the world, directly to your smartphone or computer. 

The telemedicine software we provide is completely safe to use and will be maintained and managed by us, so there’s no additional work for you to do. You’ll have full access to our telemedicine software and the ability to use it how you see fit. 

We’re passionate about the future of telemedicine as an aid to help more patients worldwide and look forward to hearing about your user experience. 

We’d also love to hear about your experience of using telemedicine previous to joining our team. Your encounters with telemedicine will enable us to keep on top of current trends and provide the best possible service to both patients and clinicians alike.

Hashiona will generate reports based on your patients’ data. This can be shared directly with you and gives you an instant overview of a specific period of time and the changes that have occurred. We’ve found this is specifically useful to track your patient’s experience between consultations, and enables both patient and doctor to keep up to date with the progression of the disease. 

Our reports are AI-generated, ensuring that all relevant information is accurately depicted within these reports. We’ve found human error whilst writing patient reports has hindered the patient’s treatment plan and success in overcoming symptoms. With our reports, this is a thing of the past. All data is used digitally to ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten about in the period of time between consultations. 

You’ll also have the ability to monitor their behaviours and analyse the data to produce a more comprehensive treatment plan for the patients you care for thorough analytics of your patients day-to-day symptom trackers if they choose to share them with you. This enables you to view a more cohesive overview of how your patients are suffering and coping with their illness. Plus, deduce ways of treating them according to real-time information, not just their recollection of how they’ve been coping.

Our software is 100% secure. None of the patient-doctor communications go through our server, ensuring all information shared between patient and doctor is completely confidential, as it would be during a face to face consultation. Any data the patient chooses to input to the symptom trackers can be used by us anonymously and sent to professional research bodies and scientific studies. 

However, all users have full control over where they input their data and there is no pressure to input anything they aren’t comfortable with. If your patient isn’t comfortable in sharing their daily symptoms on the app, we’d suggest they create a private tracker of their symptoms. This aspect of our app is something we highly recommend you discuss with your patients, as the symptom tracker is a very useful tool in analysing your patient’s daily experience with Hashimoto, henceforth creating a clearer analysis of their experience and making it easier to treat. 

We also reassure our users through encrypted payment services, allowing them peace of mind that their bank details are secure and private. 

You won’t have to pay anything to be part of the Hashiona team. You will be paid your full consultation fee, at the price you set, directly from your patients. The 15% commission for accessing telemedicine through Hashiona also comes directly from your patients and not the clinician providing their services. There are no additional costs for registering with us, only the availability to connect with thousands of more patients across the world. 

Our users can access all payment information on the ‘For patients’ page. Here, we outline all costs, including subscription offer to newly diagnosed patients of Hashimoto and Hypothyroid. We acknowledge the need for new patients to gain access to as much information as possible, as they are likely lacking inexperience in dealing with their new disease and subsequent symptoms.

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