About Hashiona

Developed by patients for patients. Hashiona is here to help you improve your life

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive space for sufferers of Hypothyroid and Hashimoto. To have their voice heard and access detailed treatment plans that they are struggling to find elsewhere. 

We aim to keep our patients informed with up to date, relevant research and scientific study into Hashimoto, it’s impact and effective treatment. 

Our highly experienced and dedicated Endocrinologists, Doctors, Psychologists and Dieticians are available 24/7, across the world. They’re accessible for all patients to contact and get quick, accurate advice and treatment plans, whenever they need it. 

We are passionate about giving our users a platform where they can record and track their many symptoms, distribute to their health care professionals, in order to present an accurate and real-time outlook of their experience with Hashimoto and Hypothyroid.


Our community is strong when we work together. Let’s move forward toward a better, healthier future.

We welcome all Hashiona users, whether they have suffered for decades or are newly diagnosed. Our platform provides all patients with a safe space to document their struggle and find help when they need it. With so many people only becoming aware of their illness after a long period of struggle, we feel it’s important to welcome newly diagnosed patients and help them adjust to their new routine and lifestyle. 

We want to change the way the world thinks about Hashimoto, transform the way patients are treated and raise awareness for the struggles that over 12% of the population endure, day to day.