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Dealing with Hashimoto can be complex. Finding important information and resources that are spread across multiple websites, apps and healthcare clinics can be a time consuming and difficult process. Hashiona brings everything together, making it easy for you to get the right advice, comprehensive and inclusive treatment plans and support when you need it.

Hashiona was developed for you, by fellow Hashiona patients, who understand the stress, confusion and frustration of trying to figure out this new way of life. Hashiona was developed to help patients from day 1 of their diagnosis and throughout their journey. Every step of the way, Hashiona can help you adjust and organise your medical, psychological and practical needs.

The most common Hashiomoto & hypothyroid symptoms:

Brain Fog
Gain weight
Brittle hair & nails
Muscle pain & weakness
Dry skin
Heart palpitation
Focus & memory problem
Cold sensitivity
Enlarged thyroid gland
Elevated cholesterol level
Sleep problem
Frequent bowel movement
Increased appetite
Impaired memory
Slowed heart rate
Swelling in joints

Hashiona gives you access to everything in the palm of your hand. The app brings together telemedicine, self-tracking, knowledge, education and more, making it easier for you to manage life with Hashimoto and hyperthyroidism. We’re here to help as we understand the struggle to organise efficiently when you’re feeling run down.

Getting to grips with your diagnosis and organising your new schedule can feel overwhelming and daunting at times, especially if you are new to the world of Hashimoto and hypothyroidism. We’re here to help you track your symptoms, access help when you need it and join a fantastic community, ready and waiting to support you. 

By becoming part of the Hashiona community, you will also be helping to provide researchers and scientists valuable information that will help to develop more effective treatment and support for patients just like you. However, this participation is completely optional and within your control to decide which data you input. 

Hashiona gives you direct access to the right experts, who will discuss your personal symptoms and lifestyle, whilst tracking your progress. The app gives you access to endocrinologists, dieticians, psychologists, and more. We enable you to speak to and be treated by clinicians that you’d ordinarily not have access to and you’ll be able to share your progress with whomever you choose.

Telemedicine enables you to reach clinicians from around the world, without having to wait for an appointment or travel to them. We believe being able to access help, when you need it, is the future of patient-doctor relations and treatment. You are becoming part of a new era in treatment for Hashimoto patients and paving the way for sufferers in the future. 

Our telemedicine technology is state of the art and ensures your privacy is secure. Direct communication with your doctor does not go through our server and is strictly confidential between you and the clinician you are talking with, just like any other communication you have with your clinicians in person. We pride ourselves on complete transparency when it comes to your telemedicine security and strives to give you as close an experience as possible to visiting a doctor as you usually would.

Hashiona makes tracking your progress effortless and enjoyable. You’ll receive help with when to take your medication, remind you when your next doctors’ appointment or thyroid ultrasound is, log your daily activities and symptoms, and help you to keep your lifestyle and nutrition on track. We know how important it is for Hashimoto and hypothyroid patients to be able to access their tracking information easily and hold all their progress in one place. 

The data you and all of our users input into their trackers will be used anonymously to create a greater picture of which symptoms Hashiomoto patients are suffering with. This will be sent to scientific studies into Hashimoto and Hypothyroid diseases, enabling breakthrough research into your diagnosis and the development of progressive treatment. 

However, the data you input is completely optional. You can choose which symptoms to track and which not to, this is your platform to help guide you through your disease and improve the way it impacts your life. If you’d rather keep your tracking information private, you can still access all our other helpful features.

Hashiona includes the very latest in Hashimoto disease education and research. We’re passionate about providing up to date and relevant information to sufferers of Hashimoto and hypothyroid, helping you to stay informed and improve your understanding of your diagnosis. We also deliver personalized advice, ensuring the important information you need is always at your fingertips. 

Our algorithms will use the data you choose to input to form daily recommendations and reports that help you analyse your illness and treatment. With this AI we can personalise your service and ensure you are receiving relevant and helpful information to help you understand and manage your disease. Our AI also helps us to understand how our users are experiencing the app, enabling us to continuously improve and provide the best possible service. 

We also appreciate your feedback. Let us know what works well for you and what you’d like to see improve whilst using the Hashiona app. This platform is designed for you, with your needs at the heart of our design. Our team welcomes all comments and questions, so if you have any queries, please get in touch.

Through gathering data from you and other sufferers like you, we aim to generate reports on symptoms, effective treatment plans, where you need the most help and how you are experiencing the app. We will also provide you with reports and analytics that you can send directly to your personal doctor, whether they be part of our clinician community or not. This means that both you and your doctor will be able to better understand your condition and the right course of treatment, moving forward. 

We will also monitor and analyse your body’s behaviour, based on your data to provide you with the most efficient and comprehensive treatment program. The more information you input, the greater the results and more accurate the advice we can give you. 

Whether through our doctors, dieticians and psychologists, or changing your daily routine and habits to ensure you’re managing your symptoms as best as you can, we strive to provide you with all the information and help you need, to make decisions for yourself and move forward in your treatment.

Our app is a FREE service. You’ll be able to access all the symptom tracking features and research information at the touch of a button. You can even take your self-tracking data to your personal doctor as we hope this will help everyone develop a better understanding of how Hashimoto works and how to treat it. 

The primary resource we charge for is telemedicine. Each consultant will charge fees set by them and there will be an additional 15% on top of these charges to maintain the app and keep us able to help our many patients across the world. The telemedicine feature of Hashiona is completely optional and you won’t need to subscribe or pay to use any other of our helpful tools. 

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