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Valideted by:

We will help you

  • Take care of your health in a holistic way
  • Manage a healthy diet and exercise
  • Ease your stress level and show how to relax
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Take appropriate supplementation
  • To find the best specialists

Do you know that…


approximately to diagnose Hashimoto's disease

more than


of patients are not satisfied with their treatment

Women are up to


times more likely to get the disease than men

As many as up to

symptoms can occur with Hashimoto's

More than


of the population may struggle with thyroid disease in their lifetime

Up to


of people with Hashimoto's disease may develop another autoimmune disease

What you get with the Hashiona app

Getting to know your own body

Regularly tracking your symptoms as well as your diet and lifestyle will help you figure out why you feel unwell

Holistic care

Our specialists will take care of you holistically so that you reach your goal and regain a healthy balance

Knowledge of the disease

Hashiona will clear your doubts and provide you with scientifically proven knowledge

Individual supplementation

With proper supplementation, you will replenish deficiencies and regain balance

Dietary support

Our clinical dietitians provide you with ideas for delicious and healthy meals


You will join a group of other women who know exactly what your problems are

We are supported by

Solution supported by experience and knowledge

MD Tadeusz Oleszczuk

spec. gynecologist-obstetrician

Author of the books "Czego ginekolog Ci nie powie" and "Uspokój swoje hormony"

‘Hashiona is an app that will explain why we have a thyroid problem. How to measure it, assess it and manage it effectively. Based on the latest reports from scientific conferences, it explains the mechanism and correlations. In this way, everyone has a chance to be professionally guided from diagnosis to treatment.

By educating the patient, better treatment results can be achieved. If they understand the influence of diet, physical activity, environmental conditions, stress or genes. Contact with a team of specialists from different medical fields is responsible for this.

Treating Hashimoto’s is not just about prescribing more doses of medication, it is also about understanding and eliminating harmful factors. The app provides such an opportunity for an effective and comfortable path to health and increase quality of life’

MD Miriam Mikicki

spec. in family and functional medicine

Founder of Mikicki Medical Clinic

‘In my holistic clinic, I often see patients with multiple symptoms of thyroid problems. Many feel lost after the initial diagnosis; others see no progress through pharmacotherapy alone.

For some time now, a growing body of scientific research has been published showing the impact of lifestyle factors - i.e. diet, sleep, stress or environmental ones - on thyroid health. I believe that this knowledge should be provided to them in a convenient format. This is exactly what the Hashiona app does.

It allows the user to easily access the latest clinical research related to thyroid health and receive personal recommendations that can help many on the path to health.

I believe that the Hashiona app empowers patients through education and support from professionals to holistically improve their quality of life.’

Users about us

‘I have read a lot about Hashimoto's disease, I am surprised that Hashiona presents the most up-to-date research about it. Super app, very useful’

Christine F.

‘I am very satisfied with the Hashiona application. Thanks to the nutritional tips and the meal plan, I was able to lose 3 kg in 2 weeks :) The menu is tailored to the person, taking into account all the patient's suggestions. The meals are very tasty, easy and quick to prepare. Since I have been using the Hashiona diet, I feel much better, which makes me happy and motivates me to continue my activities. Thank you and best regards :-) ‘

Katarzyna C.

'Lots of useful information gathered in one place. An asset for the person who is beginning their journey with Hashimoto's disease. Recipes are available. Overall the app - very much on the plus side.'

Eve K.

'Hashiona is an extremely interesting app. I was particularly impressed with its design. It is rare that any other app is so nice to the eye, plus very intuitive and easy to use. Everything is in one place. I get a reminder, mark how I'm feeling today, and then I can see on the chart what might have been responsible for the deterioration of my health. It helps me a lot to mark the glasses of water I drink. This helps me keep track of how much I have actually drunk today. In addition, I ordered a mega tasty and simple diet written especially for me by Hashiona's nutritionists. I feel safe that someone cares not only about the look of the app, but also about me as its user. App to recommend for 5. I am glad that I found it'

Ann K.

'It is good that there is this app and a group of people from whom one can learn and learn a lot. You are a source of practical knowledge. And it's good, because this is what it's all about, to know how to live, what to eat and what to do to stop the disease. Thank you once again and greetings warmly.'

Christine J.

“I have a positive opinion about the application, because I am really ill and I did not receive knowledge from doctors. Thanks to the application I have improved my quality of life and the knowledge gained this way tames the disease. What is important in treatment, apart from pills, is KNOWLEDGE about the disease!”

Danuta W.

So far I’d like to say that I have received more information on my thyroid disease from this app than from any doctor! I had done my research on the internet but honestly it is full of information that contradict each other and that’s the reason why I had given up any particular diet so far. For example, some website would say I should avoid légumes like brocoli, sprouts etc. Some others would invite me to limit my consumption of beens and lentils. I’ve read bad things about grapefruit as well. I didn’t read anything like this on your app which is much more focused on what should be more present in my diet than what should be removed. Also my brother is a doctor and had a look at the app, he found the app very well made and user friendly.

Nora B.

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