The first all-in-one app for Hashimoto patients

Hashiona is Hashimoto virtual clinic in your pocket. Don’t wait and sign-up to our pre-launch list, so we can notify you once it’s ready. Did you already mention it will be free?

Worldwide medical care

Connect with endocrinologists, dieticians and psychologists through the app. Discover a world of experienced clinicians who are available 24/7 and can access your progress and symptom tracker instantly.

Symptom & treatment tracker

Get appointment and treatment reminders, track all your symptoms in one place. You can enable your clinicians to keep up to date with you and give the most effective advice as often as you need it.

Specialist research & education

Receive free, professional information on the latest in Hashimoto and Hypothyroid research. Browse articles written by experts in their fields and have personalised advice on your progress, delivered direct to you, every day.


Did you know...

Hashimoto can cause an underactive thyroid, that doesn’t perform as it’s intended to. This disorder means that the thyroid gland doesn’t produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone and therefore causes the body to experience a range of physical symptoms. 

  • More than 12 per cent of the population will develop a thyroid condition during their life
  • There can be up to 45 different symptoms including exhaustion depression and weight gain
  • 25% of Hashimoto patients will develop at least 1 other autoimmune disease
  • Hypothyroid is a lifetime disease but you can get remission

Hashiona is the only app you need to get active again, despite your underactive thyroid. 

Finding access to a Hashimoto specialist can feel like an impossible mission. With Hashiona, you can connect and speak directly to the world’s leaders in Hashimoto treatment anytime, anywhere, via the app.

There’s no need to travel to find a doctor who knows how to help or wait for an appointment, you can get help today, at the click of a button. Our specialists, clinicians, psychologists and nutritionists are here, ready and waiting for you.


Let’s connect!  You are not alone. Build a community with millions of Hashimoto sufferers around the world.

Hashiona provides you with the opportunity to connect with people worldwide who are also struggling with their diagnosis. Stay connected and share your Hashimoto story with others in the same position, whilst discovering more about your own illness and what you can do to help ease problematic symptoms.


Waking up with no energy is exhausting. Putting your thoughts together feels impossible.

We will help lead you on your journey to get your life back. Medicine, supplements, diet, sleep schedule and regular exercise – these are all within your reach right now, even if you currently can’t get out of bed. With the help of Hashiona, you can regain control of your disease and start your recovery. We know there’s an uphill battle when it comes to finding your new normal, but we’re here to support you at every step and help you find your new way of life.


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