Check you gut! – SIBO

Are you concerned about any of the following symptoms?
Check the symptoms that apply to you on our list and find out if it is worth getting your Hashimoto's disease checked for SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome.

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Tick the symptoms to know the result.
We keep our fingers crossed that it comes out good!

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Your score: 0-3 symptoms

Your answers suggest that you are most likely not suffering from bacterial intestinal overgrowth syndrome (SIBO). However, if you have any suspicions to the contrary, consult your primary care/general practitioner. 

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Your score: 4-8 symptoms

It appears that you may be at risk because some of your symptoms indicate SIBO. Please contact your primary care/general practitioner to confirm or exclude the diagnosis.

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You have a great deal of symptoms indicating bacterial intestinal overgrowth syndrome (SIBO). Please urgently contact your primary care/general practitioner to confirm or rule out the diagnosis