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10 November 2021

Disease remission – what is it and can it be achieved in Hashimoto’s?

Olha Shyriaieva

Simply put, remission is a period of time in the course of a chronic disease that is characterized by a significant weakening (incomplete remission) or disappearance (complete remission) of its symptoms (disease). However, it is not a complete cure of the disease. Hashimoto’s disease has an autoimmune basis, which is why it is believed that it cannot be fully cured. We can only put the disease into remission.

What is remission in Hashimoto’s disease?

In the case of Hashimoto’s disease, we can consider remission to be:

  • a quieting or disappearance of disease symptoms;
  • lower antibody titers;
  • improved sense of well-being;

Can we, and how, achieve remission in Hashimoto’s disease?

Based on scientific research, it has been determined that in Hashimoto’s disease, we can only achieve remission through multifaceted action. That is, holistic medicine. For Hashimoto’s, treatment to achieve remission of symptoms includes:

  • Regular intake of thyroid hormones (pharmacotherapy);
  • Following an appropriate diet that takes into account any food intolerances (e.g. gluten, lactose, eggs, etc.). Interestingly, according to studies, even a well-balanced reduction diet allowed for remission;
  • reducing stress levels;
  • elimination of stimulants such as cigarettes and alcohol 
  • introduction of appropriate physical activity, tailored to our needs. 

Physical inactivity, sedentary daily activities and poor eating habits increase the risk of overweight and obesity among patients with thyroid disorders.

Does remission mean the patient is cured?

Niestety nie. Jak już było wspomnieliśmy wcześniej, remisja jest wyciszeniem objawów chorobowych, ale nie świadczy o całkowitym wyleczeniu chorego. 


In conclusion, currently we do not have a miracle, 100% working drug that can cure Hashimoto’s patients. Looking at the results of studies and stories of patients in long-term remission, we can conclude that a properly balanced diet, more physical activity and at the same time less stress along with pharmacotherapy can help you to live a normal life again and enjoy every day without symptoms. You will not part with the disease, but with brain fog, falling hair or excessive kilograms you will!

Olha Shyriaieva

I am a student of Dietetics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. At the same university I studied Veterinary Medicine, but I decided to change my major and I do not regret this decision. I am very interested in the relationship between Psychology and Dietetics, especially psychological disorders, and nutrigenomics. Additionally, I design websites (UX/UI designer) and I want to combine these skills with the knowledge I gained during my studies. In the future I plan to create my own platform about proper and balanced nutrition with educational elements.