Newly diagnosed

Have you just found out about your Hashimoto's disease? Or are you additionally struggling with hypothyroidism?

We can imagine how confused you must feel. That's why we have prepared for you the essence of basic information to help you understand Hashimoto's disease or hypothyroidism.

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How to improve your well-being with Hashimoto's disease or hypothyroidism?

1. Track your well-being

Regularly monitoring how you feel on a daily basis can give you a lot of valuable information. Hashimoto’s disease produces a number of different symptoms. For each of us, it can look very different. The occurrence, severity, and duration of certain symptoms may vary. 


At Hashiona, we will help you figure it out.

2. Take your medications regularly and use appropriate supplementation

Taking medication is one of the primary ways to manage the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease and the hypothyroidism that accompanies it. However, it is worth remembering to take them regularly and at the right time.


At Hashion, we make this task easier with alerts and knowledge about taking levothyroxine.


The individually tailored supplementation will provide you with the nutrients that you lack for the proper functioning of your body. Don’t forget to take them regularly – Hashiona will help you with this.

3. Improve your diet

Diet is an extremely important part of a holistic approach to Hashimoto’s disease.


Many nutrients are involved in keeping your thyroid gland functioning properly, as well as reducing the inflammation that accompanies the disease.


Track the quality of your diet and get inspired with healthy recipes in our app

4. Be active

Physical activity is another important component to achieving remission of Hashimoto’s disease symptoms.


However, inadequate physical activity can also make you feel worse. 


In Step by Step to Remission in the Hashiona app, we explain how to approach physical activity wisely in Hashimoto’s disease.

5. Relax

Stress is a real destroyer for our thyroid. But how do you take it easy?


At Hashion, you have access to knowledge about stress and Hashimoto’s disease, as well as tools to help you manage it.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep – its quantity and quality matters. Every night we don’t get enough sleep is a real effort for our thyroid gland. 


The thyroid gland likes a good night’s sleep. It can be done. Don’t believe it? Check out the Hashiona app where in the program “Step by step to remission” we devote a chapter on sleep created with Magdalena Komsta – the lady from sleep – a real expert in this field!

7. Take care of the whole

What if the thyroid is not the only organ that needs to be taken care of in Hashimoto’s disease?


Hashimoto’s disease is a disease of the immune system. It can affect the function of other organs such as the liver, intestines and genitals. Take care of them with our app and achieve health holistically!